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Keep your business safe from known and emerging email threats.

  • Comprehensive, multi-layered protection against malware, targeted attacks and unknown email threats
  • Ultimate administrator control and visibility with flexible policies and granular filtering
  • Intuitive interface makes it easy-to-use for companies of all sizes

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Key features of Deliver Exchange Email Protection

Multi-layered protection

Industry-leading email scanning engines with multiple tier-1 antivirus solutions stop malware, spam and phishing.

Extensive flexible policies and granular filtering

Ultimate control for administrators in an easy-to-use single interface.

Point-of-click protection against malicious links

Deliver Exchange LinkSafe™ prevents users from accessing known phishing sites or webpages containing malicious code.
Key features of Deliver Exchange Email Protection

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What makes Deliver Exchange Email Protection better than other email security services?

Deliver Exchange Email Protection uses multiple industry-leading email security engines that currently protect over 1 billion mailboxes globally to provide an outstanding level of protection against known, unknown and emerging email threats, over and above what single engine services can offer.

Visibility into the email threats affecting a significant percentage of mailboxes worldwide gives incredible insight into new attack techniques as they emerge, offering “zero-hour” protection in many cases through the unique combination of complementary technologies included within the 100% cloud-based service.

Deliver Exchange Email Protection combines industry-leading email scanning engines with multiple tier-1 antivirus solutions front-ended with a comprehensive set of commercial black lists. Built-in data collection and analysis throughout the mail flow provides full message tracking and delivery assurance.

Deliver Exchange provides Cloud PBX Solution to ASIMCO USA, we are very happy with the solution thus far, cost effect, responsive and well supported.
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