Protecting your privacy

Deliver Exchange is committed to protecting the privacy of your data and keeping you in control of how and where it's used.

We know the importance of keeping your critical business information safe and secure. After all, the risks of data exposure are significant:

  • It’s your business-critical information. Your cloud contains intellectual property, customer data and financial information. You need to have confidence in how it’s stored and managed.
  • It’s the law. Data privacy laws like Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, SEC disclosure rules, HIPAA and the EU Data Protection Directive govern how data must be protected.
  • It’s your reputation. Data breaches can diminish customer confidence in your company.
  • It’s your liability. Data loss can expose your company to financial and legal liabilities.

At Deliver Exchange, we’re committed to protecting the privacy of your data and making sure you are in complete control of where and how it’s used. Examples of our commitment include:

  • Identifiable customer data never gets “mined” for any purpose. Deliver Exchange does not mine identifiable customer data for any purpose—certainly not to serve you ads.
  • You decide where your data resides. You get to choose where your data lives. If it’s in the US, it stays there. And at any time, you can keep tabs on it. If it’s in the EU, it stays there.
  • We adhere to strict data protection frameworks. We are registered with the US Department of Commerce as compliant with US-EU and US-Swiss Safe Harbor frameworks, which were created to bridge the gap between US and EU/Swiss data protection and privacy standards. All our EU and US customers benefit from this level of protection.
  • We don’t cooperate with the government for surveillance. Deliver Exchange does not provide government agencies with direct access to our network, applications or systems. And we’re not listed among the internet companies targeted by PRISM on the leaked documents. When we do receive subpoenas, we defend our customers’ right to privacy by ensuring that every request complies with the law and by only providing the minimum required information.